Johnny Cash

We walk the line

'Life is rough so you gotta be tough'
The man in black, also known as Johnny R.Cash was born on 26 February, 1932 in Arkansas. When Cash was five years old he'd already started to work at a cottonfield with his own family. During the work they we're all singing together to as a pastime. One time when the family's courtsyard flooded, he was inspired to write that song "Five Feet High And Rising" Cash's brother once died 1944 in an accident at a sawmill while he was working. His brother's death has haunted Cash for his rest of his life and his father was blaming him.

His parents couldn't really decide what to name their son, just the initials J.R. In 1952 Cash took recruitment as a signalist in the airforce but they didn't accept his name so he decided to name himself John.R Cash. In the beggining of his career he called himself for Johnny Cash. 1955 Cash wrote a contract with the label Sun Records and later ended up in The Million Dollar Quartet. The other three was Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Cash's band later called themselfs for The Tennessee Two which included Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant that later extended with the drummer W.S Holland whereupon they called themselfs for The Tennessee Three.

At the 1960's Cash had plenty of top selling hits and became one of the USA:s most popular artist but his career sadly went down because of his drinking problems and other drugs that had a negative impact on him. His marriage with Vivian Liberto and his performances was affected by those dependencies. Even though Cash grew an image of him being an outlaw, he never ended up in jail but he was arrested seven times. At one time Cash had a gun and challenged Sammy Davis Jr. in a duell at a hotel in Australia which ended up with Cash shooting around the hallway for fun. Cash never got punishment or ended up in jail of his drug addiction just because he was taking amphetamine that was legal in the USA if you had prescription. He wanted to stop with the drugs and partly June Carter Cash who became Cash's wife later on helped Cash. He came back fresh, clean and stable and it surprised all of Nashville.

In Johnny Cash last years you can clearly see his songs reflects his life and his religious search. It also contain a lot of sadness. Johnny Cash died 12 September in 2003. Four months after his wife June Carter Cash, 15 May in 2003. He is the father of five childrens, Rosanne Cash, Cindy Cash, Kathleen Cash and Tara Cash which is the children of the mother Vivian Liberto Who was Cash's first wife. Cash then got a son with June Cash who named John Carter Cash.