The Ängelholm based super-car manufacturer

Ängelholm, Sweden

Find us and our factory

Our factory is located in Valhall Park in Ängelholm, right next
to the airport and our test-track.


The one and only Mega GT

About Gemera

The Gemera is the newest member of the Koenigsegg family. While producing this magnificent super-sports car,

Koenigsegg had in mind to build the first ever Mega GT. The enginge that drives the Gemera is a small three-cylidner

petrol enginge. Even though it's small, it is extremely powerful and also very efficient. The Gemera is also Koenigseggs

first four-seater. With this car, the first ever Mega GT, Koenigsegg is breaking new ground as well as new records.


The Hybrid with a big H

About Regera

The Regera is very special in many ways. The primary thing must be that it uses a very special drivetrain,with a

petrol V8 engine combined with two large electric enginges. The car also has no actual gearbox, it uses only one gear.

As you stroll around in the slower speeds, the electric enginges are dealing most of the power, while when you gain

some speed, the V8 starts to help out.


The record breaker

About Agera

The Agera is known to the world of breaking all the records there is to break. The Agera has been made in sveral

version, the latest known as the Agera RS. The Agera RS recently broke Bugattis record of having the fastest

factory-stock car. The record was breaken with tests such as shortest time going 0-400-0 km/h. The Agera RS won

this test big, and is now keeping the title as the fastest factory-stock car.


The optimal track-toy

About Jesko

With its re-designed 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 enginge, the Jesko can deliver a 1280hp performance. If you choose

the E85 biofuel version of the Jesko, it gets up to 1600 horse power. The Jesko has its own revolutionary 9-speed

transmission, the Koenigsegg Light Speed Transmission (LST). The Jesko also has extreme aeroddynamics, with a down-

force of over 1000kg. For its amazing handling on the roads, the Jesko uses active rear-wheel steering.

The Jesko is named after the Koenigsegg founders father, Jesko von Koenigsegg.